Friday, November 20, 2009

Sound Transit Berm in Tacoma
Still A Bad Idea

Here's a short recap of the Berm Battle with Sound Transit. Concerned citizens in Tacoma joined forces and worked together really hard to convince Sound Transit and the City Council of Tacoma that a large earth berm between East C and Sound C Streets was not an appropriate rail design for Tacoma and the Dome District.

We did not convince Sound Transit and the City Council fully, but some of our concerns were addressed and the project is better because of our efforts. If you were involved trying to stop the berm, thank you for your work in trying to make Tacoma a better place to live.

Here's what we gained in our efforts:

1) The B Street Ravine was saved from being filled with dirt and gone forever.

2) Sound Transit has agreed to work with Cascade Land Conservancy and the Green Tacoma Partnership to enhance the ravine with Native Plants.

3) The berm will be landscaped and maintained, Sound Transit and the City of Tacoma will come up with a plan for this. Note: we still need to make sure there is a long term agreement for maintenance and that it is not cut from future budgets. Sound Transit should create a trust and set aside money for at least twenty years of maintenance, Tacoma should not have to pay, but they can oversea the maintenance.

4) Cooperation and support from Community Councils, Environmental Groups, businesses and individuals working together for the common cause of making Tacoma better.

The berm is still planned but they have not sent it out to bid yet. There is also a $40 million dollar bridge planned over Pacific Avenue. Why should so much of our tax dollars be when it can be done for less.

Several of the Post and Beam Supporters are continuing their efforts to get this project done right. If you are interested in getting or staying involved please send an email to and we'll add you to the communication mailing list.

Tacoma is a wonderful city, thanks for helping to make it better!