Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sound Transit and Tacoma Tracks

Interesting story about Tacoma, Sound Transit and earth berms.
It's from 2004, but relates somewhat to today's issues.

Sound Transit still stuck in a Tacoma sinkhole (2004)
By Jane Hadley
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter

A few paragraphs from the story:

The introduction of Sounder train service between Everett and Lakewood in Pierce County is many years behind schedule. At one point, Sound Transit had promised to have 15 round trips by the end of 2001. Currently, there are three round-trip trains running between Tacoma and Seattle and one round-trip train running between Everett and Seattle.

The delays result from loss of revenue associated with Initiative 695, endangered-species protections, property-acquisition difficulties and negotiations with Burlington Northern Santa Fe over use of its rails.

The troubled Tacoma track segment has been an ongoing headache and embarrassment for Sound Transit.

Link to the full story:

We want Sound Transit to do what is best for Tacoma. Good planning and design do not delay projects. Sound Transit needs to rethink and correct their plans through the Dome District and not build another earth berm like they are currently planning.

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