Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alternative Design Process
Successful with Cheney Stadium

Here's an example of a success story that happened because Alternative Design was added to the bidding process. The approach gave our City an acceptable solution for all parties while saving dollars and time on a major project.

In the fall of 1959 the Cheney Stadium project was over budget and the goal of completing the project by the spring of 1960 in doubt. The City and County went out to re-bid of the over-budget wood structure with only the added “alternative proposals will be accepted.” Without any re-design required by the City and County, the bids received for an alternative precast concrete solution made the project possible within the budget available and the baseball stadium was completed for opening day that Spring. If the “alternative design-build proposal” had not been incorporated, the stadium would not have been completed within budget or on time and the possibility that Triple A baseball may never have arrived in Tacoma a distinct possibility.

Please consider this approach and request Sound Transit to incorporate it into the bidding specifications.

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  1. Of course that was 50 years ago, and the project hasent held up well to the test of time as evidenced by all the repairs/modernization it now needs.