Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Help
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We want our City Council to demand Sound Transit use Post and Beam construction (concrete or metal pillars) for the new Sounder track, instead of an earthen berm through the Dome District. We are firmly of the opinion that Post and Beam “makes sense” from East “C” Street to South “C” Street, especially across the Habitat Corridor, called the “B” Street ravine, continuing under I-705 to East “A” Street and at Pacific Avenue. This will provide the possibility for more economic development, will strengthen rather than diminish Tacoma’s Transit Oriented District and protect land for the future recreation and environmental needs of the City of Tacoma.

• Send email to members of the Tacoma City Council, tell them you want Sound Transit to use the Post and Beam option through the Dome District. It makes sense in this area.

• Attend any Sound Transit or City of Tacoma meeting related to the Project. We usually post them here as soon as we know about them.

Very important meeting coming up on Monday morning, July 27th, 9:00am, at Freighthouse Square center lobby and ticket vending area. The group will begin with a presentation and then walk the alignment so you can connect design elements with actual locations.

Map link and directions to Freigthouse Square:
Address of Freighthouse Square is 2501 East D Street, Tacoma, 98421

• Send us an email stating your opposition to Sound Transits berm plan. Your email will be used as support material when talking with public officials.

• Download our Signature Petition, print it and have your friends and colleagues sign it, and be sure to return it to us.

• Send email to members of the Sound Transit Board, and to other public officials letting them know your concerns with this project and the impact it will have on Tacoma.

• If you’re a member of an environmental group or community group please mention the Sound Transit project at your next two meetings. Ask if they will send us a letter of support from the group. The written text on the Signature Petition is a good starting point.

• Invite everyone on your email mailing list to visit our blog so they can learn more about the project and issues:

• If you have a Facebook or MySpace page, please mention our blog as the place to learn more about Sound Transit and the Tacoma Sounder project, your friends might want to become involved.

• Join Community Stewards:
It's a discussion area and site organized by Cascade Land Conservancy. You can read additional information in the Transforming the Dome District group.

• If you have other ideas let us know, we need your support.



Signature Petition

Public Official Email List

Our Mailing Address:
Do It Right Tacoma, 301 Puyallup Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98421

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