Wednesday, July 8, 2009


July 9th - We have now presented information to 4 Neighborhood Councils with 3 more scheduled in the next week, also to the Community Councils of Tacoma (which is all the Chairs of the Councils). We have been received very favorably, with the CCoT writing a letter in support of the Post and Beam and the Councils either promising to write a letter or signing our petition. We, now, have over 250 signatures on our petition.

We also met with County Executive Pat McCarthy and with Matt Perry, of Congressman Adam Smith's office sitting in. County Executive McCarthy as a new Sound Transit Board member, asked the other South Sound Board Members, David Enslow and Claudia Thomas, to join her. This was our toughest audience to date. They want to get to Lakewood! We emphasized, that we do too. And that we thought, the Post and Beam method of construction would get us there quicker and cheaper, in the long run. The sad part was that none of the Board Members had any idea there was opposition or a request for a comparative construction estimate for this stretch of track through the Dome District. They promised to go back to the full Board and ask about it. We were also told that we could present to the full Board. Is this our next step?

At their monthly meeting this morning, the Tacoma Downtown Merchants Group voted and agreed to write a letter supporting the post and beam option and a statement saying they are against the plan to berm through the Dome District.

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