Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another TNT Front Page Story about Citizens
Requesting Post and Beam Design

TNT article about the Tacoma City Council meeting held Tuesday evening October 6th. The meeting was very well attended with approximately 27 people speaking to the council during the public comments section of the meeting. All but three were in favor of Post and Beam for the design of the new Sound Transit rail line in the Dome District.

Here's the link to the article, leave comments at the end.

The pole featured on The News Tribune shows votes of more than 80% in favor of Post and Beam construction.

Supporters of Post and Beam met this morning to discuss our next steps. We're working on a plan to save millions of dollars and get the train to Lakewood faster than Sound Transits current plans. If you're a known supporter and want to help send an email to for more information, please include your telephone number. Also, you can attend next weeks City Council meeting hear about our plans.

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