Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Important City Council Meeting
Attend the Meeting Tonight

Tonight, Tuesday evening, October 6th, there's a very important Tacoma City Council meeting. It's the final reading of Ordinance No. 27833. Authorizing the execution of a Right of Use Agreement with Sound Transit regarding the area located from East D Street to South M Street.

Next week, the council will be voting to accept or reject the ordinance, and there's still time for the city council amendments to the agreement protecting our future.

There are several very questionable points in the agreement, that give Sound Transit rights to do what they want, not what Tacoma wants. You can hear the agreement read at tonight's city council meeting. Sorry that we don't have a copy to post.

Here’s a link to the Full Agenda Packet for tonight’s meeting:
Search for the PDF for Ordinance 27833.

Also, at tonight's meeting citizens can speak regarding the ordinance.

The ordinance relates to a major city wide issue that's supported by a large number of people, but not by the City Council. Citizens need to ask and encourage the City Council to do what is best for Tacoma, citizens and business owners, not what’s best for Sound Transit. Whether you're against the berm and the Sound Transit project or for it, it's critical that you attend tonight's meeting. Come to the meeting tonight and sign up to speak. Let the City Council know where you stand and your opinions, they need to hear from citizens.

The meeting starts at 5:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, location is 747 Market Street in downtown Tacoma.

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