Thursday, June 18, 2009

Intoduction to Campaign

Introduction to Presentation of Dome District Campaign

Hi I am Jori Adkins, my husband, Rick Semple and I own property and live in the Dome District as does the President of the Dome District Neighborhood Association, Keith Stone, and his wife, Crystal. We are very excited about the potential there for growth and envision an amazingly vibrant mix of residential, office and entertainment that becomes the “place to live” by people from all over Pierce County and beyond.

Tacoma will grow, and the Dome District is where a lot of that growth can happen. The Dome District is poised for density and the creation of a great neighborhood that has all the prerequisites of a Transit Oriented District.

The Tacoma Dome Station is a real hub with Pierce Transit, the Link, Express buses to SeaTac, UWSeattle and to downtown Seattle, also the Sounder, Greyhound bus and someday Amtrak will move up too. We have great parks on our north and south boundaries, The Foss waterway, Museums, the Dome, and all the downtown amenities reached by the Link. But we do want to make sure we grow in the right way, we want to be a true neighborhood, not just a transit hub with parking garages and bus and train thru-ways. That is why we got involved with the Stewardship Program and, because growing right effects more than just the Dome District, we were included as one of the 3 campaigns.

Whether it’s about how the Sounder crosses Pacific Ave and what it says about our downtown, or how taking on density in the Dome District can help take the pressure off of Tacoma’s older single-family neighborhoods, or bridging rather than berming can save a ravine that is part of our Comprehensive Plan’s Habitat Corridor, we would like to talk to you about helping to get the City and Sound Transit to see that we all want the changes to our neighborhoods to add to the success of the future of our City. Stop by our boards over there and talk to us about how we see helping the Dome District grow in the right way helps all of Tacoma.