Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Do It Right Tacoma.

A blog that's been created by concerned citizens wanting the City of Tacoma to demand Sound Transit to reevaluate, review, and present their plans to result in the best solution possible for our city.

Sound Transit is planning to build an earthen berm to support the tracks through the Dome District, and this construction method is NOT GOOD for the future growth of Tacoma. We're very concerned that the plans affect future economic development, damage critical environmental areas, and will greatly affect quality of life and recreation needs of the area.

We need as many citizens as possible to join us in asking our city government to look closely at how Sound Transit is going to affect our city. Please review the articles and material on this site. Also, please tell your friends and colleagues about this site and what's going on with the rail line. We'll be adding new information frequently, so check back soon.


  1. This is fantastic! I can't say how many people I have heard discuss this, and not a single one has EVER said anything positive about Sound Transit's plan.

    How is it that a voter-funded organization can so blatantly ignore an outcry by the very voters that are funding it in the first place?

    Let's get this right the first time and not let ST destroy an area that is too valuable for Tacoma to be scarred by an afterthought-of-a-design rail crossing.

  2. Can you please cite specifics of what is wrong with it and alternitaves to the plan?

  3. The alternative to Sound Transit's berming thru the Dome District is to make the 1200ft of new track be self-supporting, preferably on a post and beam system thus allowing;
    1. more flexiblity for future development next to the tracks, in the Dome District and along Pacific Ave.(more tax base) ,
    2. the continued use of the parking lots under I-705(revenue maker) and a transparency from 25th to 26th Sts.(Safety, SETEDD and sense of connectedness for DD)
    3. the continuation of the Comprehensive Plan's Habitat Corridor, potential for DD to realize the greenbelt to the Foss with connecting trails to other neighborhoods and maintaining the potential to rebridge 25th St(bridge removed by ST when building the LINK) in the future.
    Please look at the presentation boards under Graphics for visuals of these three issues.