Monday, June 22, 2009

Pacific Avenue Bridge Graphic

Sound Transit's Proposed Pacific Avenue Bridge.
Their future vision, is it ours? Do we want this?

Downtown Tacoma is towards the bottom of the picture.

Please read the comments for this post for more information.

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  1. Is this the future of our downtown? Is this the vision we have of a vibrant, bustling, Commercial Business District and it's adjacent Transit Oriented District? This is Sound Transits vision. It looks like it's near the airport or possibly a flyover in the desert outside Phoenix.
    Unless the track is self supported no developer in his right mind would attempt to build near the track knowing of the chances of it subsiding. Post and beam or retaining walls parallel to the track would allow for the greatest flexibility and potential for future development along Pacific Ave. The Dome District would like to see the vibrancy of Pacific near UWT/ Union Station extend to South Downtown which now includes the Dome District. See the presentation boards under Graphics.